Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Recently, I have been spending quite a bit of time helping family and friends plan their weddings. I love helping them see the possibilities of a beautiful day without spending thousands of dollars.

Tonight, Kelli Feener and Josh Taylor
were the focus.
I loved hearing about the night of the prom when they were not each other's date, but somehow maybe they knew they should be. I hope someday they look back on tonight as a happy memory of when they were planning their wedding day.


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Every now and then, you form a relationship that only strengthens with time. Such is our friendship with Larry and Wanda Price. Over 30 years, 7 kids between us, 8 grandchildren, a multitude of visits and heart-to-heart talks have only deepened the bond we share. Here's to friends that are just like family.

Breakfast at Applewood in Pigeon Forge.

Full trees promise a bountiful harvest.

We stopped at the Square in Sevierville.

(one more thing to check off my
Summer Bucket List)

Allen poses with a statue of Dolly.

Revered by all residents in the surrounding

area, Dolly is a folktown hero.

We stopped at the Bean Pot on the way back.

My kids will remember us stopping there everytime

we passed the Crossville/Peavine exit. They still have

Beanie Babies, but much to my disappointment

they no longer sell donuts!

I was devastated.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last Saturday, Allen and I attended the annual RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival held in Bell Buckle. We had always wanted to go, but it seemed we would always just miss it or have other plans. This year, it was on my *"Bucket List". We had a great time and plan to go back next year.
It was overcast when we first arrived. We enjoyed the
"cool" weather for about an hour before it was absolutely blazing.

Allen had to make a pit stop as soon as we arrived. We had been to
Cracker Barrel with Eric for breakfast and all that coffee....

If you didn't like your seats in the stadium,
you could just pick up your bale and move it.

Mike and Lisa met us there. So much fun when family are friends too. See those yellow arm bands? Allen and I sneaked in and didn't pay. Not really. We didn't know you were supposed to pay a "suggested" donation of $1. We went back and paid. After all it was for
Nashville Flood Victims Fund.

Found this sampler in an antique shop. Of course, it caught my eye
because it was done by Molly in 1798. I do love that name.

Watching the "parade".
After a couple hours, we were ready to go. We decided to stop by Miller's Grocery for lunch instead of getting a food at the festival. Wise choice. It was delicious and cool.

Both couples decided to share a meal so we could get dessert. Our eyes being bigger than our stomachs, we all got our own dessert. Ugh. Too much, but delicious.
Next time you see Mike, ask him why he eats all the pecans off the top of his Pecan Pie first.
*Next time, I will tell you about my "Bucket List".

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Paw Paw

Although Paw Paw is technically my grandfather, he was truly the best father a bunch of kids could ever have. He was the epitome of a loving, caring father who always made sure we had what we needed. Generous, kind and selfless are just a few attributes he possessed. Protector, provider, teacher, inventor, chauffeur, musician and artist were just some just some of his talents. Ever wanting to learn and absorb all he could, I remember him reading the encyclopedias.

Paw Paw let me guide* and then taught me how to drive. He picked me up from work at all hours. Two things I didn't appreciate until I had kids of my own.

Yesterday at the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival, I found this old man selling these little fishing thingies. This sign caught my eye from across the field of people. I told him how this was just something my Paw Paw would have made.

I did.

*To let someone steer the car sitting beside the driver. The driver controls the gas and break, the "guider" keeps the car between the lines on the road. Only to be done on old country roads in the 70's. Not applicable to today.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tuesday was a very enjoyable day with Tea in the afternoon with my friend, Amy. She is very knowledgeable in the realm of tea and she introduced me to tea rooms a few years ago. We have made it a yearly tradition to go to a tea room to celebrate our birthdays. Since I am preparing for an American Girl Club meeting, I was thrilled she found Homestead Manor Plantation. A beautiful Antebellum home strategic in the Civil War Battle of Thompson Station. Each individual teapot had a pretty cozy to keep the tea warm.

Antique vases with fresh flowers adorned each table.

Beautiful, historic Homestead Plantation, Thompson Station, TN

For any of you that know my niece, Tiffany, this portrait looks just like her.

Quaint cupboard with many teacups and saucers.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


When trying to post this morning, somehow these two adorable
pictures were deleted. I couldn't let them be lost. What?!!! Is that Popi drinking Jonah's bottle while his back is turned?!!
That okay, Popi, I forgive you.


Sunday afternoon and evenings are our special time with Jonah. Just after Jonah was born, Allen and Jessica resumed their "Quest for Academia" ( Master's Degrees for all those that don't know Jessicaeese). We wanted regular, special time with Jonah and this day worked well for everyone. We are both off and Allen and Jessica could count on us and plan accordingly. Recently we have wanted to keep Jonah overnight more and more. He is such a joy. Here are pictures from our recent overnighter.Big, cute yawns.Bed Head
Sweet, Baby yawns. Yawns with sweet, baby breath.

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Mimi's vintage hanky. Popi playing Peek-a-Boo with Mimi's vintage hanky.

Popi and Jonah watching the Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

Thinking about a nap.

Precious baby yawns.

More sweet baby yawns.

Dimpled Smile. My favorite.

I love my Popi!

Big "It's too early to be up" yawns.

I guess I'll drink that bottle after all.

Maybe just a little nap with Popi after Mimi goes to work.

Blowing kisses to Mimi as she leaves for work.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love of My Life

Prom 2010
New Life Academy

Prom 1978
Goodlettsville High School

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spending the Night With The Boys

Last night, I was able to spend the night with Molly and the twins. It was the first night Kyle had to go back to work. Jack and Caleb did wonderfully for only being 2 1/2 weeks old. Jack seems to be the most sound sleeper, with Caleb being a little vocal with lots of little baby sounds. I remember pushing the bassinet out into the hall with my some of my babies. It is so tempting to keep trying to quiet them when they all they need is just to make noise. It was never very conducive to sleeping. My goal was to let Molly get as much rest as possible, so I kept the little grunter out in the living room with me. About 6:00 am after their 5:30 feeding. Pretty content with full bellies
and clean hinies (not an easy thing to accomplish).

I think that is Jack trying to suck on Caleb's ear.

Sharing a sleeve to suck on.

Jack telling Caleb a secret. I didn't hear what they were talking about.