Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Jack and Caleb's new swingset arrived this month and they are loving it. It's so nice to walk out the backdoor and be able to swing anytime. Mimi's camera was on some weirdo setting and all her pictures are a strange color. Oh, well. They are cute any color. Even an little blue.

Speaking of being blue, this picture captures how Jack felt yesterday. Little did we know, a mean ol' virus was about to make itself known. Poor little Jack was sick, sick, sick.

He just wasn't himself.

Praying Caleb, Mommy and Daddy don't catch the mean ol' virus, because tomorrow is their long awaited trip to MN. Everyone just has to be well.

Check out a short video of us swinging on Facebook.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jonah's First Professional Haircut

Because of a couple of haircut faux pas, Jonah needed professional help. Our dear friends,
Mrs. Christy, John David, Katy and Cari, graciously met us a Great Clips in Brentwood to show us the ropes.

John David is our hairstylist Kerry's dream come true. J. D. is so relaxed you would think he was falling asleep.

Jonah, on the otherhand, qualifies as his worst nightmare. I knew it was not going to be pretty when he wouldn't even sit on the seat. Kerry was wonderful. He even had Veggie Tales on his IPhone and let Jonah watch. He was such a good sport.

Let's just say it didn't go as well as we had hoped and Mrs. Christy prayed at lunch that he wouldn't remember this haircut experience.

Here they are after the traumatic event. Not perfect but much better than before. Needless to say I tipped Kerry very well.

We walked over to Pei Wei right after the haircutting experience and a jar of Chili sauce fell off the table and splashed all over him. I jerked him up, screaming (him not me) and ran to the restroom, where we rinsed his eyes. All was okay, but man what a day.