Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Little Man

Jonah seems so old and mature these days. It is so much fun to hear him sing the sweet songs his
Mum and Daddy teach him.
He's into "Cars" and went to see his first theater movie with Daddy this week.

One of the games he plays is talking jibberish. Daddy says, "Those aren't real words!" and he laughs and continues on. He loves to play with friends, swing, ride in the wagon, and play with cars. He loves his videos and enjoys car rides as he has a dvd player in his van.

He goes to preschool on Thursdays and has almost made drop-off time tear free.

I love to hear him say, "I'm Happy!"

Jonah still loves green beans, Mimi's Special Porridge and Gold Fish. He doesn't seem to be as attached to
"Ba-Ba's" nearly as much.

Mimi wants to bite his face off sometimes, but I know he's too big
to let Mimi "have a bite" like he used too. Jonah is a wonderful big brother
to Miss Eve. He is gentle and loving with her.
He is a great cousin as well, wanting to share and almost doing it. :)
It's hard not to be the center of attention all the time. Sharing the limelight with the new princess and 2 adorable cousins is hard.

You, Jonah, fill our hearts with love and joy to deep to describe.
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Sweet Miss Eve

I don't know why I always call this beautiful, baby, girl Miss Eve. It just seems right. She's a little lady and is "Miss" Eve to me. Precious!
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Ethan and Katherine just goofing off.
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Partners in Crime

I know I am biased, but have you ever seen two cuter little brothers in all your life? They are the best (and cheapest) entertainment in town. Who needs to go out on the town when you can babysit these two??? Okay, besides Molly and Kyle?

They are as busy as bees as they explore every nook and cranny of their world consisting of anywhere in their house except rooms with a closed door.

Tuesday's prize was Tow Mater cars. One for each boy. Do you see what Jack has?

One for each chubby, little hand. How did that happen?

Look at these boys! My heart wants to burst!

This is how these two pose. Jack squints and Caleb grins. What hams!

Breakfast With The Boys

I know it seems like we are completely in grandparent mode, but the truth is we still have two amazing young men living in our house.
We love spending time with them even though it is rare and precious indeed. These boys make us so proud. They are both godly, hardworking men with a knack for honoring their parents. What a joy it is to sit across the table and talk about things that really matter. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams to be their parents.
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Weekend Away

Allen and I had a weekend getaway in Crossville. It was a very relaxing time of just being together and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Sunset behind the cute barn behind their house.

Allen on a short walk in the beautiful Cumberland Mountain State Park. We went on a neat paddle-boat ride and enjoyed a snake-free visit. Believe me, I was looking.

Time away is good for the soul. Time to just "be". Time to reconnect.

It's a good thing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth Of July

Allen and I kept Jack and Caleb overnight for the first time Monday night. We met Molly at Target before we set off to Aunt Scarlett's for a day of swimming and fun.
As soon as Molly shut the van door, we switched into Mimi and Popi mode. Cookies were given out as fast as they could gobble them down. Hey, what are they gonna do?

Jessica, Jonah and Eve met us there.

Jonah was very bold and unafraid of the water, much to my surprise. Popi was the opposite, afraid and timid. He was a good sport though. Must have been the fact his feet touched the ground and he never let go of the float!

Tiffany was quite the hostess with a face painting area set up. Caleb was transformed into Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack got a Mac-a-roni noodle painted on his cute, chubby, little cheek.

Get it? Jack-a-roni - Mac-a-roni?

Popi was the perfect playmate as usual.

Now this is a sight. Nani G and Auntie Scarlett in swimsuits with the twins. Notice very little skin showing. Also notice I am not photographed in said attire. :)

Thanks to Raymond, Scarlett, Tiffany and Ian for sharing their pool and home with us. Not shown is the fabulous picnic and home theater where we watched Toy Story 3. Fun times.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


As the old saying goes, "There is a reason God gives children to young people". Last night was a much anticipated evening of playing with Jonah and Eve while Allen and Jessica celebrated Jessica's birthday with friends. We were to keep them overnight for the first time since Eve's birth. Unfortunately, Popi had to work and needed a nap. While I know I've traveled this road twice before with my own, I find it difficult to juggle the needs and wants of a 2 year old while attempting to meet the needs of a, let's just say, high maintenance 7 week old. Eve is all female and knows what she wants and when she wants it. Aunt Teessa graciously came to my rescue.
Jonah had her full attention and she even brought a new CARS car.

Two of Jonah's favorite things right now are Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen. I'm seeing a trend here.

Miss Ball Bag, I mean, Miss Evie Poo, is as happy as a lark here with her Aunt Teesa.

How come it takes two "Grannies" to do what one Mommy can do?

Friday, July 1, 2011


Yesterday, Molly and I took the boys to the zoo. We were so excited to be there. It brought back a flood of memories of lazy days with nothing pressing to do but meander.

No strollers are allowed in the Reptile house, so I watched one while Molly took one in to see the slithering, sneaky creatures. I loathe them and wouldn't be caught dead in there.

We freely explored the walkways and loved all the animals we saw.

After Molly had her fill of the satanic holding area, umh, I mean the Reptile house, we started on our adventure again. Strolling along, minding our own business, Mommy just happened to see

something and held out her arm. She very calmly said, "Moma, there is a snake". All of a sudden, MiMi went crazy! She started screaming and trying to get in our stroller! She was jumping around and running ahead of us. We didn't know what was going on!

It's all fun and games until someone sees a snake. Needless to say we made a bee-line for the car. Mimi's zoo days are over until late fall when the only reptiles are in the Reptile House.

Whew, what a day!